How to Adopt

Miami Goldendoodle Puppies

Adopt Miami Goldendoodle Puppies in The Redlands Miami, FL

We are glad you have chosen to adopt one of our amazing Goldendoodle puppies! Since litters are reserved months in advance, please read the following to get started on the adoption process. Although there is a waiting period, these little curly coat companions are well worth the wait and this period gives you time to prep your house and family for the new addition.

Steps to adopting include:

  • Waiting for you puppy to be born and weaned
  • Providing a deposit for reservation
  • Filling out and submitting application for approval
  • Paws of Love reviewing, processing, and approving application

Always a Loving Home for Our Miami Goldendoodles

If at any point after adoption the new owner cannot provide a loving home, rather than abandoning, selling, or otherwise, we will welcome the dog back. At Paws of Love, we understand that situations happen in which new owners are unable to keep their Goldendoodles. Whether it’s been 5 months or 5 years, we will welcome the dog back until a new suitable home can be found (provided we have space at the time).

Paws of Love is a caring private home breeder. Our top priority is finding loving homes for our wonderful puppies. For more information about the adoption process for our Goldendoodle puppies, please contact us at (786) 942-4288.

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