English Goldendoodle

Smart, Lovable, & Eager to Please

English Goldendoodle by Paws of Love Goldendoodle, FL
What do you get when you mix the highly trainable and affectionate Golden Retriever with the allergy friendly and intelligent Poodle? One of the brightest, amendable, and popular canines, the Goldendoodle! Find out why 2016 American Kennel Club’s third and eight most popular purebred dogs pass down the most desirable traits and qualities to our English Goldendoodle puppies.

Traits of Goldendoodles:

  • Low prey drive
  • Low to non-shed coat
  • Intelligent and trainable
  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Playful with great energy level

Originally bred to be seeing eye dogs for visually impaired individuals, the Goldendoodle is a designer dog that offers the personality of an English Golden Retriever with the beauty of a Poodle. Nicknamed Miami “Teddybear” Goldendoodles, these adorable plush puppies look like moving cute and cuddly toys! Goldendoodles are also great for people with allergies as they have hair instead of fur. Get started on your application before the next litter is completely reserved by calling us at (786) 942-4288.

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